Setup DNS

Purchase Domain Name

Some of the labs were going to need a DNS name. There are a few ways you could get a DNS name, but the easiest way is to buy a cheap domain to use during the class. You can purchase many domains for around $10 a year.

I know this is an added cost, but the easiest way to test out DNS automation is to have a domain.

I Already Have a Domain

If you already have a domain to use for the class, great, you will not need to buy one. However, make sure that you make a subdomain for the class if you use the domain for any other tasks.

EXAMPLE: hackerops.mycooldomain.com

I Need A Domain

If you need to buy a domain, I recommend using Porkbun. They have a TON of TLD to pick from, and they do not tack on lots of extra fees.

porkbun.com | An oddly satisfying experience.